Service Times and Location

Sunday Worship

Worship: 10:30AM
Sunday School: 10:30AM

Followed by Fellowship Hour

Bible Study

Tuesday 7:00PM


430 North St.
White Plains,NY 10605


What's Happening at Trinity:

Epiphany Sunday, the Trinity people had its First congregation meeting over a joyous meal and greal conversation.

As has been the tradition, the Whites invite all to an afternoon of fellowship and good food.  Many hands made the meal, complimented by Pastor Normana nd Kaye setting some of the main disshes out.  The food abounded. The conversation over flowed. In the midst of all of this, the Three Kings came to give a visit. (click for the video)

Dec 22 2014

Trinity has a tradition of a candle lighting service with communion and special

music at 10:30 p.m....lots of Christmas Hymns!

As always, the children have great ideas.  They answered the question very thoughtfully.  (click video)

Nov 20 2014

Trinity has a tradition of Holiday Fairs for over 50 years.  The event has evolved as times change. This year we have more vendors than ever- at last count 12. The vendors include some of your online favorites. This means you can shop with a variety of choices on your Christmas list.  To add to the incentive for your shopping spree, we have a coupon to download off this website to bring with you to help save you some money. 


What you have not heard about Trinity’s White Christmas?

You do not know that this is the Eighth year of this musical revue

The children had some good ideas about how a shepherd might rule.  Let us see what they said. (click video)

What Do You Think a Saint Looks Like? Pastor Norman wanted to their ideda. They did not think they looked like the cherb picture. Not like the ones with halos.  Then what did they think? ( click video)

Reformation Sunday + I picture of Martin Luther's family was on the Screen.   (click video).

One of the girls raised her hand to say she knew this man, he did great things for poor people, except she was about 500 years off with the person.

The children listene dto Pastor Norman discuss that everything they have is from God, "on loan" like the stuffed animals he gave to them this morning. (click video)


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