Service Times and Location

Sunday Worship

Worship: 8:15AM and 10:30AM
Sunday School: 10:30AM

Bible Study

Tuesday 6:45PM


430 North St.
White Plains,NY 10605


What's Happening at Trinity:

Trinity is choosing a wonderful sunny day on Saturday, April 26 (9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) to bring everyone out for a good cause.  If just having great items to buy is not enough, there will be lunch served so you do not have to look for "fast food" on your day of being out and about. Why do we have a sale?

4th Week in Lent + Peter's Denial + Children think about how Peter is just like us.  (click video)

Lent - Jesus is at the Passover Meal. He does a servant's task and upsets the disciple to teach them a lesson. The children have some BIG reactions to foot washing.

(click video)

The chidren have some very good ideas about what would be different...and they think they would like to be treated just the same as everyone else.  (click video)

February 23, 2014 + Kids Talk about tyhe Image of God's Blessing like Water Spilling on the Floor of the Church (click Video)

The children were surprised at the variety of bread their friends like.  They were really surprsed that Jesus said, "I am the Bread of Life." (video)

This Sunday ( February 9, 2014), Pastor Norm talked with the children about how Valentiine's day is connected to God's love. Then, the children went out to give some love to the kids.(click video)

Feb 3 2014

Children Talk with Pastor Norman 2/2/14   The Woman at the Well. (click video)

What is the big deal about a well? No one had running water (can you imagine that!!).  Everyone had to come to the same well to get water.  See what the kids think about that.

We all get angry, that was agreed. Then what? Is there "appropriate use of anger?  Let us see what they say with the pastor. (click video)

Trinity chidren had not. That did not stop them from thinking about a weddding as a seven day affair in Jesus' day. (click for video)


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