Service Times and Location

Sunday Worship

Worship: 10:30AM
Sunday School: 10:30AM

Followed by Fellowship Hour

Bible Study

Tuesday 7:00PM


430 North St.
White Plains,NY 10605


What's Happening at Trinity:

The children listene dto Pastor Norman discuss that everything they have is from God, "on loan" like the stuffed animals he gave to them this morning. (click video)

In conjunction with the story of Joshua, Pastor  Norman told the children the story about the way the battle of Jericho was won. So, the kids marched around and shouted like Joshua had commanded. You will also hear that the "inner child" of many of the adults wanted to join in. (see video)

Today, the children watched a short video of an eaglet's first flight (video). They they heard about why God used this image to tell peopel about his care for them. (video)

Pastor Norman talked with the youth about telling the truth - it is complicated. (click video)

Pastor Norman asked if the coming of a storm frightens them or are they excited.  He told them what happeend to him as a child of their age.  There was mixed reactions.  (click video)

Pasor Norm asked the children to think about how beautiful a simple bird is and how detailed we are made.  ( click video).

The discussion today was about the book " The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Lucy, the youngest of the four children who come to live with their excentic uncle in the country happens through a magic door in tghe back of a Wardrobe.  She enters a land where animals talk, The White Witch has held the land captive 100 years by making it " Always winter and never Christmas."  When she tells her brothers and sister, upon her return, they do not believe her.  The Trinity chikdren weer asked if their parents would be believe them.

Trinity Sunday +June 15. 2014  + Three Baptisms

The children are gathered at the font.  We are playing witht he water.  Where did the water come from?   (see video)

The children saw the symbols around the church.  Three dimensional flames hanging and doves floating in space.  Both symbols of the Holy Spirit's presence. Then, whisssssssssh... (click video)

Paul was in jail in Rome. He writes a letter to one of his religious communities (Phillipi). What must it been like? How come Paul said "rejoice"?       (click video)


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